April 12th, 2016
Author: Dianne Craig
On Words Grammar Tips: Incomplete Comparisons

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In this post:

  • Incomplete Comparisons
  • Sentence Adverbs (aka Disjuncts)
  • Confusables – pairs of words often mistaken for each other.


Incomplete Comparisons

Some language faux pas are more accepted and much more common in advertising than in regular speech and writing. Incomplete comparisons, like “faster, better, stronger,” which don’t specify what a subject is being compared to, are among those. This is really a misleading argument — simply saying “product X is faster, better, stronger,” is considered an incomplete assertion that can’t be refuted. No wonder it can be an effective marketing tactic!

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November 13th, 2015
Author: Dianne Craig
On Words: When Not to Use a Hyphen

Rubes Comic - Nov 2015 On Words                                                                                                                                                 Comic by Leigh Rubin.

This month …
-‘Between’ or ‘among’ – which to choose
-When not to use a hyphen
-Confusables Read More