December 14th, 2015
Author: Jennifer Rideout
ICYMI: Instagram teases multiple account access and Twitter swaps stars for hearts

ICYMI - Dec 14 2015

In this edition of ICYMI we discuss Instagram testing multiple account access and Twitter’s controversial switch from stars to hearts. Read More

October 22nd, 2015
Author: Ashleigh Mair
ICYMI: Facebook updates its platform; Hootsuite adds Instagram and a tip for capitalizing on Twitter ads

Hootsuite - Instagram
In this edition of ICYMI we look at Facebook’s latest platform changes, Hootsuite’s newest addition and Twitter’s event targeting tool that can help businesses reach target markets more effectively. Read More

September 17th, 2015
Author: Ashleigh Mair
Instagram expands advertising capabilities and improves the user experience; Twitter gives brands more historical data

ICYMI - Sept 16 2015

In this edition of ICYMI we look at Instagram updates that give brands more power, and users more freedom, as well as Twitter’s launch of a new data analytics tool. Read More

August 11th, 2015
Author: Ashleigh Mair
Instagram revamps its offerings and Facebook redefines the ‘click’

Instagram Explore

In this edition of #ICYMI, we look at Instagram’s platform updates and Facebook’s new definition of a ‘click’ that will benefit advertisers (but not before it costs them more!). Read More

July 6th, 2015
Author: Catherine Brasch
#ICYMI: Twitter makes it easier to track conversations and Instagram cleans up its web design

Instagram ICYMI - July 2015

In this week’s #ICYMI we look at changes to Twitter and Instagram.

Last month Twitter made it easier to track conversations surrounding a particular tweet by grouping them together and highlighting the most interesting parts of the conversation right below the tweet. With this latest algorithm change, replies and popular tweets will be easier to find.

Along with this change, conversations and related tweets are linked by a blue line making it easy for users to follow along. The tweets that have the most responses will be pushed to the top.

Overall this update will make it easier for brands to track the sentiment of a certain conversation. By pushing the most popular replies to the top, this will also filter out a lot of noise that often surrounds a conversation.

Additionally Twitter has now removed the 140-character limit for direct messages and expanded it to 10,000 characters. When combined with the fact that DMs are no longer limited to users who follow each other, it becomes clear that Twitter wants to enable longer, more meaningful conversations between users.

In other news, Instagram has introduced a new web design on desktop and mobile that makes user accounts look cleaner and photos much larger.

The most noticeable change is to profile pages on the desktop, which now have three large images in each row as opposed to the original five. Also, the grid of cover images at the top is gone and there are no longer borders and rounded edges. This makes it easier for users to digest images faster, without so much surrounding clutter.

This update is great for brands that are product focused as users may stay on their Instagram account longer. The more user-friendly and visually pleasing design for the desktop also signifies Instagram’s attempt at becoming more than a mobile application and destination for professional photographers.

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October 29th, 2014
Author: Catherine Brasch
#ICYMI: Facebook is basing ads on where you’ve been recently and embedded Instagrams will appear much bigger and clearer on the web

ICYMI - October 29


In this week’s #ICYMI we look at the latest change from Facebook that will benefit advertisers as well as Instagram’s improved embedded photo quality. Read More